Gunma Works

  • ISO9001 certified
  • ISO14001 certified
  • Foil Products
Gunma Works is an aluminium foil processing works that is responsible for Toyo Aluminium's comprehensive packaging. It produces packaging materials for pharmaceuticals and packages for foodstuffs and has a production system based on GMP (standards related to pharmaceuticals production and quality control). In addition, the entire plant is maintained at clean room standards with a safe production system with hygienic management of processed materials and equipment from the raw materials through to the final packaging and storage processes. Furthermore, network connection with a LAN inside the plant enables the real-time sharing of production information between each process and realizes efficient production and rapid customer service.


3062, Sakaiiyoku, Isesaki-shi, Gunma, 370-0105
Tel: +81-270-76-2251 (Main)