Shinjo Works

  • ISO9001 certified
  • ISO14001 certified
  • Powder & Paste Products
Shinjo Works is one of the largest plants specializing in aluminium paste in the world and it has an integrated production system from the raw materials through to the completed products. Using the technologies and experience it has as a pioneer in aluminium paste, it performs the milling and polishing of the raw materials and produces high quality aluminium pastes that have the finish and functions to satisfy the various requirements of customers. The products from Shinjo Works are supplied to users around the world, including customers in Europe and America and in South East Asia, and the quality of those products is very highly rated.
In addition, the detailed support that it gives in coordination with the bases in the U.S.A. and France is said to be one of the best in the world.


228-1, Shinmachi, Katsuragi-shi, Nara, 639-2127
Tel: +81-745-69-3091 (Main)
We have raised our international competitiveness and brand power further by making the former Gose Plant and former Hirano Plant parts of Shinjo Works from 2017.
  • Shinjo Works (Gose)

    410, Muro, Gose-shi, Nara, 639-2277,Japan
    Tel: +81-745-62-5151 (Main)
  • Shinjo Works (Hirano)

    5-24, Kamikita 3-chome, Hirano-ku,
    Osaka-shi, Osaka,547-0001 Japan
    Tel: +81-6-6795-7707 (Main)