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The Yao Works
Data Yao Works is the largest aluminium foil rolling and processing plant in Japan. All processes are computer controlled from the acceptance of orders through the procurement of materials, production and processing and up to delivery. In addition to achieving the production of small amounts of many different products and short delivery periods, it also has an integrated production system that includes the rolling, separating, annealing and slitting operations. Furthermore, it was the first site in Japan to introduce a shape control system to eliminate distortions in the width direction on aluminium foil for uniform rolling and it also implements in-line quality control so that abnormalities such as pinholes and surface particles are detected during the manufacturing process. Aluminium foils are manufactured to meet the requirements of the users, including lamination with paper or synthetic resins, printing and processing to add color.
ISO9001 certified
ISO14001 certified
ISO14001 certified
Address 8-1, Aioi-cho 4-chome, Yao-shi, Osaka, 581-0082
Tel: +81-72-993-1511 (Main)
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