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  1. Corporate Profile
    1. Message from the President
    2. Corporate Concept
      1. Toyal Group Management Principles
      2. Information Security Policy
    3. Outline
      1. Directors, Statutory Auditors, officers & Senior specialists
      2. Osaka Office
      3. Tokyo Office
    4. History
    5. Production bases
      1. Yao Works
      2. Kanbara Works
      3. Chiba Works
      4. Gunma Plant
      5. Chigasaki Plant
      6. Shonan Yabata Plant
      7. Shinjo Works
      8. Hino Works
      9. Gose Plant
      10. Hirano Plant
  2. Product Information
    1. Foil Products
      1. Applications
      2. Each product (Electrical machinery and apparatus)
        1. TOYAL-CARBO®
        3. TOYAL PASS®
        4. E-FOIL
        5. Ranafoil™
        6. Etching circuit foil
        7. Precision etched circuit products "CUME®"
      3. Each product (Foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and industrial materials)
        1. TOYAL LOTUS®
        2. Toyal Dry™
        3. READ-MAX®
        4. Child resistant PTP - Child Proof™
        5. Hairline
        6. Alnoble®ZR
        7. Vacuum insulation materials
      4. Production bases
        1. The Yao Works
        2. The Kanbara Works
        3. The Chiba Works
        4. Gunma Plant
        5. Chigasaki Plant
        6. Shonan Yabata Plant
    2. Powder Products
      1. Each product
        1. Aluminium alloy powder
        2. Aluminium nitride
        3. Aluminium powder for fillers
        4. High-purity spherical aluminium powder
        5. Brazing paste (Brazing filler metal pastes)
      2. Production bases
        1. The Hino Works
    3. Paste Products
      1. Each application
        1. Automobiles
        2. Household electrical products and digital appliances
        3. Printing inks (Packaging materials, containers, cloth, etc.)
        4. Construction, machinery and heavy-duty anticorrosion
        5. Heat resistance and thermal insulation
        6. Powders and PCM (Pre-coated metal)
        7. Cosmetics
        8. Resins and films
        9. Electronics products
      2. Each product
        1. Leafing Alpaste®
        2. Non-leafing Alpaste®
        3. High-gloss Alpaste®
        4. TD Series (for printing inks)
        5. Resin coated Alpaste®
        6. Alpaste® for water based coating
        7. Colored Alpaste® "Friend Color"
        8. Interference color aluminium pigment "CHROMASHINE®"
        9. Interference color aluminium pigment "Cosmicolor®"
        10. Aluminium flakes for powder coating
        11. Stainless steel flakes
        12. Metallic compounds "METAX®"
        13. Aluminium thermal conductive filler
        14. Aluminium electrically conductive filler for firing
        15. Metal coated electrically conductive filler
        16. Dummy balls
      3. Digital Catalog
      4. Core competencies
        1. Flaking technologies (Shape control, fine powder pulverization)
        2. Surface treatment technologies
        3. Powder plating technologies
        4. Hybrid technologies
        5. Solvent substitution technologies
        6. Blending technologies
      5. Production bases
        1. The Shinjo Works
        2. Gose Plant
        3. Hirano Plant
      6. Troubleshooting Guide
        1. For Better Use Of ALPASTE
        2. For Safe Use Of ALPASTE
        3. Problems Resulted From ALPASTE In The Paint System (1)
        4. Problems Resulted From ALPASTE In The Paint System (2)
        5. Recommendation To Treated Type
    4. Solar Cell Related Products
      1. Each product
        1. Toyal Solar®
        2. ALSOLAR®
      2. Production bases
        1. The Yao Works
        2. The Hino Works
  3. Financial Information
  4. Environmental measures
  5. Research & Development
  6. Toyal Technical Report
  7. Group Company

TOYAL Group Management principles


We in the Toyo Aluminium Group will act as follows:

1. Through sound business management, we will aim to provide products and services that always inspire customers, prove useful to society, and are environmentally friendly.
2. We will be committed to constant innovation, and strive to provide products utilizing advanced technologies.
3. We will foster a vibrant and free-spirited corporate culture and aim to be a group of geniuses.
4. We will be aware of social responsibility and contribute to society as a company with dignity.

Course of action

"Create the future, I will create it"

1. Let's aim for the top.
2. Let's win with our wisdom.
3. Let's deepen communication.
4. Let's learn from our mistakes.
5. Let's make more use of our sensitivities.
6. Let's form alliances.
7. Let's further heighten awareness about safety and security.

Basic CSR policy

We in the Toyo Aluminium Group aim to build a corporate culture that allows us to continuously improve our sound business activities.

To that end, we will develop management that can contribute to society by (i) developing corporate activities that are compliant with social norms and corporate ethics, (ii) providing product quality that allows customers to use our products with peace of mind, (iii) conducting business activities in harmony with the environment and (iv) conducting activities that place the utmost priority on occupational health and safety in the workplace.


CSR charter

We in the Toyo Aluminum Group will widely contribute to society by providing products and services centering on the aluminum foil business, the aluminum paste business and the electronic functional materials business.

To that end, aiming to build a corporate culture that allows us to continuously improve our sound business activities, we will act in accordance with the following seven principles.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
We will comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and engage in activities that conform to social norms and corporate ethics.
2. Customer and consumer satisfaction and trust
We will accurately understand the needs of society, develop socially useful products and services, offer them, and ensure customer and consumer satisfaction and win their trust.
3. Relationship with society
To communicate with society at large, we will properly disclose corporate information and in our business activities we will engage in fair and free competition.
In addition, we will work to build good relations with the local community and actively contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.
4. Achieving employee comfort and prosperity
As a company that values people, we will respect people's personalities and individuality, secure a work environment that is easy to work in and that places health and safety first, and strive to achieve employee comfort and prosperity.
5. Cooperation with the international community
As a global company, we will comply with international rules and local laws, while respecting local cultures and customs.
6. Efforts for the environment
We will be aware that environmental initiatives are a mandatory requirement for a company's existence and its activities, and through harmonizing with the environment we will make continued efforts to build a sustainable society.
7. Making the charter known to all
Top management will fully understand the spirit of the charter, and take the initiative in having it thoroughly permeate within the Company while ensuring that those concerned know about it.

Safety policy

Basic philosophy

With the philosophy that occupational health and safety is the most important thing for a workplace, we in the Toyo Aluminum Group will increase the awareness of all who work in the Group about occupational health and safety, and conduct occupational health and safety activities based on the following policy to build a workplace environment that is easy to work in and safe.


1. We will ensure that all those working in the Toyo Aluminum Group comply with occupational health and safety laws and regulations.
2. We will invest appropriate management resources in occupational safety and health activities, and make continuous improvements.
3. We will take measures to prevent injury and disease, and endeavor to provide opportunities for promoting the mental and physical health of employees and environmental improvement.
4. We will implement health and safety training for employees in a planned way and follow-up on that to enhance their awareness about health and safety.
5. We will implement various measures to prevent the spread of damage from and ensure recovery after natural disasters, and strive to enhance their effectiveness by periodically reviewing them.
6. We will conduct regular audits and strive to continuously improve our occupational health and safety management and performance.

Environmental policy

Basic philosophy

With the recognition that we need to contribute to society through business activities in harmony with the environment, we in the Toyo Aluminum Group will position environmental protection as a priority issue in all aspects of our business activities and continuously strive to build a sustainable society.


1. We will promote energy conservation, resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling.
2. We will make environmentally friendly efforts in each stage of the design, material procurement, production, distribution, sales, and use and disposal of products.
3. We will make efforts to reduce CO2, CFCs and other harmful substances that place a burden on the environment.
4. We will observe environmental laws, regulations and compliance agreements, cooperate in the formation of administrative measures, and work for international coordination. In developing business overseas, we will be fully aware of the environmental standards of the country to be invested in and make environmentally friendly efforts.
5. We will educate staff in terms of environmental conservation and ensure that each and every employee can conduct activities to preserve the environment while being aware of the importance of environmental issues.

Quality policy

Basic philosophy

Through corporate activities that conform to social norms and corporate ethics, we in the Toyo Aluminum Group will aim to provide products that customers can use with peace of mind and that can ensure customer satisfaction, and provide products and services that are useful to society. In addition, by having more customers use our products we will contribute to social and economic development.


1. We will provide products that ensure customer satisfaction and win their trust, and increase our brand value.
2. We will comply with laws and regulations and fulfill our social responsibility.
3. We will efficiently run our quality management system and continuously improve it.


Basic philosophy

We in the Toyo Aluminum Group will comply with laws and social norms, and by fulfilling our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen we will build a corporate culture in which we can continuously improve healthy business activities.

Compliance structure

Compliance committee

We will establish a compliance committee as an organization to supervise and support management that firmly places importance on compliance, and build a compliance structure centering on that committee.

Compliance promotion group

We are setting up a promotion group in each workplace to ensure that each of our workplaces carries out its duties with regards to compliance.

Compliance manual

For our officers, employees, and people engaged in business activities under the supervision of our Company to comply with laws and corporate ethics and to promote the Company's compliance management based on our CSR charter, we have established various rules that should be observed.

Compliance helpline

If there is a compliance violation or possibility of a compliance violation, sometimes it may be difficult to consult with superiors in the organization to resolve it.
To deal with such cases, we have established a compliance helpline as a so-called internal reporting system.

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