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Information Security Policy

Established on August 1, 2006 Revised on April 1, 2008


Basic principles

The Toyo Aluminium Group manages the information assets of customers and the group such as trade secrets and personal information with caution, protects them from all threats and establishes the following target and guideline for action and implements safe and appropriate information security measures in order to respond to the trust of customers and the society that surrounds them and contribute to the continuous and stable business operations of the group.



Realization of zero information security accidents


Guideline for action

1. Set up an information security management committee and establish and maintain an ISMS* in order to enable organized and continuous information security operation.
2. Construct and implement the risk management systems required to realize highly confidential, complete and available trust.
3. Establish standards and a risk assessment structure to evaluate risk rationally.
4. Observe the legal and regulatory requirements related to information security.
5. Observe security requirements in contracts.
6. The basic principles, target and guideline for action apply to the core divisions of Toyo Aluminium K.K., Tokai Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., Toyo Aluminium Ekco Products Co.,Ltd., and Toyo Tokai Aluminium Hanbai K.K.
7. Carry out education and training on information security and strive for awareness.
8. Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of information security management measures.
9. If an information security incident or accident should occur, handle it quickly and prevent the expansion of damage.
10. Get rid of violations of information security strictly.

*ISMS = Information Security Management System

Scope of registration / ISO27001 accreditation

Information security management systems to protect information assets related to the following work in the development and manufacture of aluminum foil, powder and paste products

1. Sales related work
2. Accounting related work
3. Research and development work
4. Production technology work
5. Quality assurance related work
6. Information security related work
7. Personnel / general affairs related work
8. Management planning related work
9. Main raw material procurement related work
10. Production management work
11. Auditing work
12. Inspection / shipment work
13. Planning / management work

(ISO27001 registered name: Toyo Aluminium K.K. (however, this excludes Gose Plant and Hirano Plant manufacturing line))



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