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      7. Shinjo Works
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  2. Product Information
    1. Foil Products
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      2. Each product (Electrical machinery and apparatus)
        1. TOYAL-CARBO®
        3. TOYAL PASS®
        4. E-FOIL
        5. Ranafoil™
        6. Etching circuit foil
        7. Precision etched circuit products "CUME®"
      3. Each product (Foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and industrial materials)
        1. TOYAL LOTUS®
        2. Toyal Dry™
        3. READ-MAX®
        4. Child resistant PTP - Child Proof™
        5. Hairline
        6. Alnoble®ZR
        7. Vacuum insulation materials
      4. Production bases
        1. The Yao Works
        2. The Kanbara Works
        3. The Chiba Works
        4. Gunma Works
        5. Chigasaki Works
        6. Shonan Yabata Works
    2. Powder Products
      1. Each product
        1. Aluminium alloy powder
        2. Aluminium nitride
        3. Aluminium powder for fillers
        4. High-purity spherical aluminium powder
        5. Brazing paste (Brazing filler metal pastes)
      2. Production bases
        1. The Hino Works
    3. Paste Products
      1. Each application
        1. Automobiles
        2. Household electrical products and digital appliances
        3. Printing inks (Packaging materials, containers, cloth, etc.)
        4. Construction, machinery and heavy-duty anticorrosion
        5. Heat resistance and thermal insulation
        6. Powders and PCM (Pre-coated metal)
        7. Cosmetics
        8. Resins and films
        9. Electronics products
      2. Each product
        1. Leafing Alpaste®
        2. Non-leafing Alpaste®
        3. High-gloss Alpaste®
        4. TD Series (for printing inks)
        5. Resin coated Alpaste®
        6. Alpaste® for water based coating
        7. Colored Alpaste® "Friend Color"
        8. Interference color aluminium pigment "CHROMASHINE®"
        9. Interference color aluminium pigment "Cosmicolor®"
        10. Aluminium flakes for powder coating
        11. Stainless steel flakes
        12. Metallic compounds "METAX®"
        13. Aluminium thermal conductive filler
        14. Aluminium electrically conductive filler for firing
        15. Metal coated electrically conductive filler
        16. Dummy balls
      3. Digital Catalog
      4. Core competencies
        1. Flaking technologies (Shape control, fine powder pulverization)
        2. Surface treatment technologies
        3. Powder plating technologies
        4. Hybrid technologies
        5. Solvent substitution technologies
        6. Blending technologies
      5. Production bases
        1. The Shinjo Works
        2. Gose Plant
        3. Hirano Plant
      6. Troubleshooting Guide
        1. For Better Use Of ALPASTE
        2. For Safe Use Of ALPASTE
        3. Problems Resulted From ALPASTE In The Paint System (1)
        4. Problems Resulted From ALPASTE In The Paint System (2)
        5. Recommendation To Treated Type
    4. Solar Cell Related Products
      1. Each product
        1. Toyal Solar®
        2. ALSOLAR®
      2. Production bases
        1. The Yao Works
        2. The Hino Works
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  4. Environmental measures
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What we can do for our future. The environmental policy of the Toyal Group

Basic Concept

Under the basic concept "To contribute to society through environmentally balanced business operations", the Toyal Group regards global environmental protection as a priority issue in all aspects of its business activities and makes continued efforts to promote activities for the establishment of a sustainable society.

Basic Policies

  1. To promote energy saving, resource saving, waste reduction and resource recycling.
  2. To take an eco-friendly approach at all stages of a product's life, including design, materials procurement, production, distribution, marketing, use and disposal.
  3. To make efforts to reduce substances that place a burden on the global environment, including CO2, chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful substances.
  4. To comply with the stipulations of laws, regulations and agreements concerning the environment, to cooperate with administrative policies and measures and make efforts for international coordination.
    To fully understand the environmental standards of investment destination countries and to promote an environmentally conscious approach to business development overseas.
  5. To implement employee training on environmental protection in order to ensure that every employee is aware of the importance of global environmental issues and strives for the protection of the environment.

Environmental Objectives

We have set the following environmental objectives and are continuing our efforts to achieve them.
  1. Energy savings (Reductions in the consumption of electricity, gas and heavy oil)
    Improvement of 1% or more per year in basic units
  2. Industrial waste (Reduction of waste generated by production processes)
    Reduction of at least 2% per year

Measures for the promotion of environmental harmony

In addition to the objectives stated above, we are also developing the following activities for the environment.
Toyo Aluminium K.K.
Foil Division
  1. The use of the scrap generated as regenerated metals and as raw material for aluminium paste
  2. The recovery and reuse of rolling oil
  3. The reduction of the emission to the atmosphere of the solvent exhaust generated during foil processing
  4. The effective utilization of resources by making the aluminium foils thinner
  5. The multiple use of the steel cores for winding aluminium foil
  6. The production and sales of vacuum insulation materials (VIP) to reduce the use of CFCs for heat insulation on refrigerators and to aid in the saving of energy
Powder & Paste Division
  1. The effective utilization of remaining aluminium foil materials as raw materials for aluminium paste
  2. The reuse of aluminium powder collected in dust collection within processes
  3. The development of aqueous aluminium pastes for coatings
  4. Contributing to energy savings as a result of weight reductions on automobile parts through the use of rapid-quenched aluminium alloy powder products manufactured by Toyo Aluminium
  5. The promotion of energy saving through energy management activities
Photovoltaic Headquarters
  1. The development, production and sales of ink for rear electrodes to increase the efficiency of solar cells
  2. The development, production and sales of back sheets to support solar cells
  3. The reduction of the emission to the atmosphere of the solvent exhaust generated during production processes
Tokai Aluminium Foil Co., Ltd.
  1. Reduction of electricity use by introducing inverters on air conditioning equipment
  2. Reduction of electricity use by introducing inverters on rolling mill auxiliary machinery motors
  3. Reduction of energy consumption rate by promoting improvement activities (productivity improvements)
  4. Reduction of amount of toluene used by improving processing yields
Toyo Aluminium Chiba K.K.
  1. Reduction of scrap aluminium by improving yields
  2. Distillation regeneration of rolling oil and its reuse
  3. Reduction of energy consumption rate by improving productivity
Toyo Aluminium Ekco Products Co., Ltd.
  1. Production and sales of products using recycled aluminium
  2. The use of recycled paper for product packaging and the use of PET containers made from recovered and recycled PET bottles, etc.
  3. The production and sales of products (range hood filters) using non-chlorine based fibers from recovered and recycled PET bottles, etc.
  4. The development, production and sales of paper products made from wood screened by forest certification institutions
  5. The promotion of the recycling of aluminium foil and cardboard waste materials
Entire Group
  1. The reduction of paper usage through the promotion of paperless activities
  2. Active responses to requests for energy saving cooperation from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
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