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    1. Foil Products
      1. Applications
      2. Each product (Electrical machinery and apparatus)
        1. TOYAL-CARBO®
        3. TOYAL PASS®
        4. E-FOIL
        5. Ranafoil™
        6. Etching circuit foil
        7. Precision etched circuit products "CUME®"
      3. Each product (Foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and industrial materials)
        1. TOYAL LOTUS®
        2. Toyal Dry™
        3. READ-MAX®
        4. Child resistant PTP - Child Proof™
        5. Hairline
        6. Alnoble®ZR
        7. Vacuum insulation materials
      4. Production bases
        1. Yao Works
        2. Kanbara Works
        3. Chiba Works
        4. Gunma Plant
        5. Chigasaki Plant
        6. Shonan Yabata Plant
    2. Powder Products
      1. Each product
        1. Aluminium alloy powder
        2. Aluminium nitride
        3. Aluminium powder for fillers
        4. High-purity spherical aluminium powder
        5. Brazing paste (Brazing filler metal pastes)
      2. Production bases
        1. Hino Works
    3. Paste Products
      1. Each application
        1. Automobiles
        2. Household electrical products and digital appliances
        3. Printing inks (Packaging materials, containers, cloth, etc.)
        4. Construction, machinery and heavy-duty anticorrosion
        5. Heat resistance and thermal insulation
        6. Powders and PCM (Pre-coated metal)
        7. Cosmetics
        8. Resins and films
        9. Electronics products
      2. Each product
        1. Leafing Alpaste®
        2. Non-leafing Alpaste®
        3. High-gloss Alpaste®
        4. TD Series (for printing inks)
        5. Resin coated Alpaste®
        6. Alpaste® for water based coating
        7. Colored Alpaste® "FRIEND COLOR"
        8. Interference color aluminium pigment "CHROMASHINE®"
        9. Interference color aluminium pigment "Cosmicolor®"
        10. Aluminium flakes for powder coating
        11. Stainless steel flakes
        12. Metallic compounds "METAX®"
        13. Aluminium thermal conductive filler
        14. Aluminium electrically conductive filler for firing
        15. Metal coated electrically conductive filler
        16. Dummy balls
      3. Catalog [PDF]
      4. Core competencies
        1. Flaking technologies (Shape control, fine powder pulverization)
        2. Surface treatment technologies
        3. Powder plating technologies
        4. Hybrid technologies
        5. Solvent substitution technologies
        6. Blending technologies
      5. Production bases
        1. Shinjo Works
      6. Troubleshooting Guide
        1. For Better Use Of ALPASTE
        2. For Safe Use Of ALPASTE
        3. Problems Resulted From ALPASTE In The Paint System (1)
        4. Problems Resulted From ALPASTE In The Paint System (2)
        5. Recommendation To Treated Type
    4. Solar Cell Related Products
      1. Each product
        1. Toyal Solar®
        2. ALSOLAR®
      2. Production bases
        1. Yao Works
        2. Hino Works
  3. Financial Information
  4. Environmental measures
  5. Research & Development
  6. Toyal Technical Report
  7. Group Company

Product Information

Foil Products

Foil Products

We have researched the chemical composition and metallographic structure of aluminium and have established the world's newest rolling technologies to freely control the foil thickness to suit the application. The foils have excellent surface glossiness and few pinholes and their characteristics make them suitable for multi-colored printing. They are in use in a wide range of applications.

  1. Applications
  2. Each product
  3. Production bases
Powder Products

Powder Products

We have a lineup that includes various levels of purity from 99.3% to 99.99% and our previous business results are formidable in a wide range of sectors, including powder metallurgy, fire bricks, catalysts and solid fuels for rockets.
These products are supported by our technical ability to control the size of the fine particles uniformly using the atomization method.

  1. Each product
  2. Production bases
Paste Products

Paste Products

The flake profiles and particle sizes are uniform and the surfaces of the aluminium flakes are coated evenly, so they arrange uniformly in the coating film. They are broadly categorized into the leafing type, which become arranged in the surface layer of the coating film, and the non-leafing type, which become arranged inside the film.

  1. What are paste products?
  2. Each application
  3. Each product
  4. Core competencies
  5. Production bases
  6. Troubleshooting guide
Solar Cell Related Products

Solar Cell Related Products

We are aiming to make an even greater contribution to the environment and society by pursuing new possibilities in the sector of solar cells through the utilization of the foil, powder and paste technologies that we have developed so far.

  1. Each product
  2. Production bases
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