Powder & Paste Products

High-gloss Alpaste


High-gloss Alpaste products are aluminium pigments with good design properties that are coin shaped and have a smooth surface. They are used in applications such as the top coat for automobiles, plastic coatings and printing ink, especially in applications where a strong metallic design is favored.


  • ・76 Series
    This is the most widely used of the high-gloss Alpaste products. It is characteristic for its ease of use.
  • ・56 Series
    This series has a narrow range of particle diameters and the gloss is improved from the 76 Series.
  • ・54 Series
    The particle diameters in this series are very uniform and the particle diameters are large, so a high glossiness can be achieved. It is therefore called shining flakes.
  • ・TCR Series
    This series has a small aspect ratio (particle diameter / thickness) and high mechanical strength, so it is excellent at withstanding circulation.
  • ・63 Series
    This series has even finer particle diameters than the 56 series and exhibits excellent gloss.
  • ・46 Series
    These are the highest quality of the High-gloss Alpaste products and have an excellent metallic feeling and feeling of fineness.

In addition, we can also propose "Moonlight Silver" made with the pulverization method for applications where an extremely metallic finish like plating is required.

* Some of the High-gloss Alpaste products from Toyo Aluminium are protected by patents. Please be cautious when using similar products from other companies.