Powder & Paste Products

Metal coating conductive filler “TOYAL TecFiller® TFM Series”


We have made it possible to evenly plate metal layer, such as gold or silver, onto particles of metals, inorganic matter, and organic matter. We are pleased to introduce silver-plated particles as products that are both highly-conductive and low-cost.


  • ・Uniform plating onto individual primary particles is possible
  • ・Superior conductivity, oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, and inking characteristics
  • ・Able to support a wide range of particle sizes
    Substrate particle size: sub-micron to several mm
  • ・Plating of metals, ceramics, and organic matter is possible
  • ・Plating film variations: Au, Ag, Ni, Cu, Sn, etc.
  • ・Particle shape control that takes conductivity into consideration is possible

Example products

Product name Structure: Core plating material True density Granularity D50 (μm)
TFM-C05F Cu-Ag 9.2 6
TFM-S05P SiO2-Ag 2.9 6
TFM-A05P Al-Ag 3.5 6
  • TFM-C05F

  • TFM-S05P

  • TFM-A05P

Example application

Electromagnetic wave shield fillers, conductive adhesives, conductive ink fillers, etc.

* We will be happy to discuss material combinations, particle shapes, and particle sizes other than those of the example products.
Please contact us.