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Aluminium conductive filler for firing “TOYAL TecFiller TFS Series”


Lightweight conductive filler with no ion migration

An aluminium filler for firing capable of obtaining superior conductive performance based on aluminium filler shape and granularity, and firing condition schemes.
It is lighter than silver and is not subject to the occurrence of ion migration.
Aluminium particles and flakes have been deemed to be non-conductive based on the influence of surface oxide film.

By examining firing conditions and experimenting with flake shape and granularity, Toyo Aluminium has developed a filler for firing with superior conductive performance.


  • ・Because of its light weight, electrical conductivity per unit of weight is large
  • ・Ion migration does not occur
  • ・Suitable shapes can be provided depending on the application

Example products

Product name Shape Granularity D50 (μm)
TFS-A05P Spherical 5
TFS-A10P Spherical 10
TFS-A08F Flake-shaped 8
TFS-A10U Extremely thin flake-shaped 10

* We will be happy to discuss particle shapes and particle sizes other than those of the example products.
Please contact us.

  • TFS-A05P

  • TFS-A10P

  • TFS-A08F

  • TFS-A10U

Example application

Wiring materials, external terminal electrodes, etc.