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Aluminium nitride insulating thermal conduction filler “TOYAL TecFiller TFZ Series”


Mixing this filler with resins, rubbers, and oils raises their heat dissipating properties.
Using this filler with surface treatments blocks reactions with water, which are a weakness of AIN.
This filler can provide products compatible with close packing that are able to achieve even higher thermal conductivity.


  • ・This filler makes it possible to attain thermal conductivity of 10 W/mK or more, which is impossible with alumina and silica.

Example products

Representative products (Other products are also available)
Product name Oxygen content (wt%) Granularity D50 (μm) BET (m2/g)
TFZ-A02P 1.2 1.5 3.0
TFZ-A10P 1.1 9.0 1.2
TFZ-A15P 0.8 15.0 1.0

* Numeric values are representative values, they do not guarantee characteristics.

  • TFZ-A10P

  • TFZ-A15P

Example application

Heat dissipating sheets, sealants, films, adhesives, etc.