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Aluminium nitride powder for sintering “TOYALNITE



  • ・Aluminium nitride is a unique material that provides both high heat dissipating properties and insulating properties.
  • ・Toyo Aluminium delivers stable quality under strict quality control.
  • JC

  • JCG


  • ・High heat conductivity: 200 W/mK or higher possible
  • ・Insulating properties: Boasts high insulating properties
  • ・High purity: Keeps metallic impurities at an extremely low level
  • ・Can also be provided as a granulated powder (granules)

Example products

Representative products (Other products are also available)
Product name Oxygen content (wt%) Granularity D50 (μm) Features
JC 1.0 1.2 Fine powder/high purity product
MF 1.3 2.5 For standard firing
  • * Numeric values are representative values, they do not guarantee characteristics.
  • * JC low temperature firing type can also be provided.

Example application

Heat dissipating boards for IGBTs (industrial equipment, vehicles, etc.), heat dissipating boards for LEDs, semiconductor manufacturing devices, etc.