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  1. Corporate Profile
    1. Message from the President
    2. Corporate Concept
      1. Toyal Group Management Principles
      2. Information Security Policy
    3. Outline
      1. Directors, Statutory Auditors, officers & Senior specialists
      2. Osaka Office
      3. Tokyo Office
    4. History
    5. Production bases
      1. Yao Works
      2. Kanbara Works
      3. Chiba Works
      4. Gunma Works
      5. Chigasaki Works
      6. Shonan Yabata Works
      7. Shinjo Works
      8. Hino Works
  2. Product Information
    1. Foil Products
      1. Applications
      2. Each product (Electrical machinery and apparatus)
        1. TOYAL-CARBO®
        3. TOYAL PASS®
        4. E-FOIL
        5. Ranafoil™
        6. Etching circuit foil
        7. Precision etched circuit products "CUME®"
      3. Each product (Foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and industrial materials)
        1. TOYAL LOTUS®
        2. Toyal Dry™
        3. READ-MAX®
        4. Child resistant PTP - Child Proof™
        5. Hairline
        6. Alnoble®ZR
        7. Vacuum insulation materials
      4. Production bases
        1. The Yao Works
        2. The Kanbara Works
        3. The Chiba Works
        4. Gunma Works
        5. Chigasaki Works
        6. Shonan Yabata Works
    2. Powder Products
      1. Each product
        1. Aluminium alloy powder
        2. Aluminium nitride
        3. Aluminium powder for fillers
        4. High-purity spherical aluminium powder
        5. Brazing paste (Brazing filler metal pastes)
      2. Production bases
        1. The Hino Works
    3. Paste Products
      1. Each application
        1. Automobiles
        2. Household electrical products and digital appliances
        3. Printing inks (Packaging materials, containers, cloth, etc.)
        4. Construction, machinery and heavy-duty anticorrosion
        5. Heat resistance and thermal insulation
        6. Powders and PCM (Pre-coated metal)
        7. Cosmetics
        8. Resins and films
        9. Electronics products
      2. Each product
        1. Leafing Alpaste®
        2. Non-leafing Alpaste®
        3. High-gloss Alpaste®
        4. TD Series (for printing inks)
        5. Resin coated Alpaste®
        6. Alpaste® for water based coating
        7. Colored Alpaste® "Friend Color"
        8. Interference color aluminium pigment "CHROMASHINE®"
        9. Interference color aluminium pigment "Cosmicolor®"
        10. Aluminium flakes for powder coating
        11. Stainless steel flakes
        12. Metallic compounds "METAX®"
        13. Aluminium thermal conductive filler
        14. Aluminium electrically conductive filler for firing
        15. Metal coated electrically conductive filler
        16. Dummy balls
      3. Digital Catalog
      4. Core competencies
        1. Flaking technologies (Shape control, fine powder pulverization)
        2. Surface treatment technologies
        3. Powder plating technologies
        4. Hybrid technologies
        5. Solvent substitution technologies
        6. Blending technologies
      5. Production bases
        1. The Shinjo Works
        2. Gose Plant
        3. Hirano Plant
      6. Troubleshooting Guide
        1. For Better Use Of ALPASTE
        2. For Safe Use Of ALPASTE
        3. Problems Resulted From ALPASTE In The Paint System (1)
        4. Problems Resulted From ALPASTE In The Paint System (2)
        5. Recommendation To Treated Type
    4. Solar Cell Related Products
      1. Each product
        1. Toyal Solar®
        2. ALSOLAR®
      2. Production bases
        1. The Yao Works
        2. The Hino Works
  3. Financial Information
  4. Environmental measures
    1. CSR reports
  5. Research & Development
  6. Toyal Technical Report
  7. Group Company

Research and Development

Toyo Aluminium established the world's first general research laboratory for aluminium foil at Yao Works in 1964 and also expanded a research section for aluminium paste in 1967. Ever since that time, the research and development division has continued the fundamental and applied research, performing as a core of the research and development of the company. Toyo Aluminium has been able to remain the top manufacturer of aluminium foil and aluminium paste through a result of these research and development activities and in 2015 implemented reforms to the new research and development division in order to make even further leaps forward.
In order to promote research and development more efficiently and also to further strengthen and protect the Group's core competencies, the system has been reorganized into the Advanced Technology Division (ATD). This ATD is made up of four sections including the Core Technology Center (CTC), the Technical Solution Center (TEC), the Intellectual Property Department and the Technical Strategy Department. The motto of the division is not be restricted to conventional knowledge "product developments that meet requirements of the customers and make the customers to be impressed" and " development of revolutionary products that will have a deep impact on the customers and create new customer demands."
Research and Development System

Core Technology Center (CTC)

This is the core organization undertaking fundamental research, applied research and new product development for the Toyo Aluminium Group. The organization performs a wide range of research and development work. It is made up of the corporate R&D, which performs new product development and fundamental research looking ahead for the future, and the divisional R&D, which is composed of laboratories located at each field of the current business division and performs applied research and product development that is directly connected to the current business.

Technical Solution Center (TEC)

This Center provides technical services aiming at the commercialization of the products from research and development that are related to the business divisions. Activities are carried out so that the technology developed by the Core Technology Center and the information and requests from the Technical Strategy Department or the New Business Creation Department or sales departments can be put to the market as new products, as quickly as possible. The Center also performs development of analysis technology for developmental works on materials, development of high performance materials for electricity storage and development of new production processes.

Intellectual Property Department

This Department carries out activities as the center for intellectual property management of the entire Toyo Aluminium Group, in order to protect and make use of the superiority of products and production technologies of the group as intellectual properties. The department carries out investigations of prior art, monitors patent publications, handles contracts for technical collaborations and intellectual properties and provides intellectual property trainings for our employees.

Technical Strategy Department

This Department formulates and performs overall control work for technical strategies of the Toyo Aluminium Group. It watches progress of the major themes such as research projects and research and development ongoing within the Group and ascertains the possibility of commercialization. It searches for new research and development projects to be carried out over medium or long term and promotes them as projects and into commercial business. The Department also establishes systematic education system for technical staff and cultivates talented human resources for supporting the Group's research and development system. It also takes charge of management of technical documents within the Group and deals with external communication related to the Group's technologies.

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