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September 8, 2014
President, Hiroshi Yamamoto
Toyo Aluminum K.K.

Conclusion of Basic Agreement to Study the Feasibility of a Business
Collaboration with MMP Industries Limited

We have concluded a basic agreement to study the feasibility of a business collaboration with MMP Industries Limited of the Republic of India (hereinafter referred to as "MMP"), as follows:

1. Purpose
We maintain a large market share in Japan and abroad as a top manufacturer of aluminum paste used for metallic paints for automobiles, printing inks, and other products. We have recently started negotiations on a possible business collaboration with MMP with the aim of expanding out aluminum paste business in India.
2. Outline of MMP
(As of March 31, 2014)
Address Nagpur, State of Maharashtra, the Republic of India
Representative Arun Bhandari
Establishment October 8, 1973
Main business Operations Manufacture and sales of aluminum powder/paste
Number of employees Approximately 320
Capital INR82,900,500 (JPY138 million)
Sales INR1,345,000,000 (JPY2,246 million)
3. Schedule
(1) Conclusion of Basic Agreement September 5, 2014
(2) Finalization of the details of business collaboration December 2014 (currently scheduled)
(3) Resolution at the Board of Directors Late December 2014 (currently scheduled)
(4) Closing January 2015 (currently scheduled)

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