Notice of the Establishment of a Sales Subsidiary in the Kingdom of Thailand

2017.03.30Press Release

I hereby announce the establishment by this company of a sales subsidiary in the Kingdom of Thailand, as detailed below.

1. Purpose
To collect detailed information in a timely manner in the Southeast Asia region and, whilst promoting a further sales expansion strategy to accompany the growth of the market, consider the establishment of a manufacturing plant in the future.

2. Sales Subsidiary Overview
Location Sathorn district Bangkok
Representative Ko Kinoshita (Currently Manager, Paste Development & Sales Dept. Powder & Paste Headquarters)
Establishment date March 30, 2017
Main business

(1) Purchasing, sales, and export/import duties as a sales branch for the following products

- Aluminium foil or processed goods containing it
- Aluminium paste
- Backing sheets for solar batteries and ink for back electrodes on solar batteries - Film or processed goods containing it

(2) Service duties related to the provision of market information in the Southeast Asia region

Investment Capital 15 Million baht (Approximately 51 Million yen)
Capital expenditure Toyo Aluminium group 100%
Expected sales start July 2017
Number of employees 7 (Number expected at the start of business)