Toyal in a nutshell

Brief facts and figures about the Toyal Group,
a world leader in aluminium materials.


Founded in 1931, we will soon be celebrating our 100th anniversary.

The company was born in 1931 as Aluminium Sumitomo Limited under a capital tie-up between Alcan,
a Canadian company, and Sumitomo, for the purpose of fabrication and sales of aluminium foil and sheets.
In 1950, the company was renamed to its current name, Toyo Aluminium K.K.


Four businesses

  • Foil business

    Used in foods, pharmaceuticals, and electronic components

  • Powder and paste business

    Used in paints, pigments for cosmetics, and 3D printers

  • Household and packaging business

    Used in aluminium foil and paper container products

  • New business

    Supporting our bountiful lives with such products as solar photovoltaic panels


Basic information

  • Sales/Profits (FY2023)

    • Sales(consolidated)
      100,794million yen
    • Current profit (consolidated)
      2,508million yen
  • Employees (FY2023)

    • Employees (consolidated)
    • Employees (non-consolidated)

Group locations

16 domestic locations
Having development and manufacturing bases in the East and West, we are able to not only respond to a broad range of needs, but also manage business continuity in times of disasters.
13 overseas locations
We have established production and sales bases in Europe, the United States, China, and India to cover markets across the globe and provide value that is suited to the needs of each region.

What Toyal is aiming to beWhat Toyal is aiming to be

Going beyond aluminium, grow into a manufacturer
of high-performance materials
that push the envelope.

Since Toyo Aluminium was founded, it has pursued the possibilities for aluminium, and provided a broad range of value, offering everything from processed products to services.
Under our corporate slogan “Join Together to Shape the Future,” we will, through imaginative product development based on our core technologies, grow into a manufacturer of high-performance materials that push the envelope and are not limited to aluminium, thereby contributing to the development of a new society.


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