Corporate Concept

Serving the global community through the maximized use of the excellent properties of aluminium

Serving the global community through the maximized use of the excellent properties of aluminium.
Light-weight, strong, rust-resistant, light and heat reflective, recyclable, environmentally friendly.
Aluminum possesses a wealth of excellent properties. Through the best use of these excellent properties of aluminium, the Toyo Aluminium Group has been a forerunner in the creation of a variety of high-performance materials useful to society, industry, and our daily lives.
Aluminum is the most abundant metal element found in the earth's crust. We have been working ceaselessly on studies of the metallic composition and physical properties of this abundant earth resource in order to further expand aluminium's potential by improving its properties to higher functional levels.
Aluminum possesses a variety of excellent properties including a weight one third that of iron, good workability, rust-resistance and nonmagnetic properties. On the basis of the accumulated results of our studies on the properties of aluminium, we are continuing our efforts to meet the needs of customers and make contributions to industries and people's lives by manufacturing products to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications. The products manufactured by Toyo Aluminium include foil products covering the areas of packaging, electronics and consumer goods, powder and paste products as pigments in coating paints and high performance materials, and solar cell related products that take the global environment into consideration.
Aluminum is the metal good for global environmental protection, which comes from the earth and returns to the earth. We have been devoting ourselves relentlessly to the development of products making the most of these properties of aluminium and have successfully expanded the diversified applications for this metal.
It is our sincere desire to offer more and more people our products which fulfill all the potential functions of aluminium and contribute in a balanced manner to the development of societies, economies and global environmental protection

Management Philosophy

We in the Toyal Group will act as follows:

  • Through sound business management, we will aim to provide products and services that always inspire customers, prove useful to society, and are environmentally friendly.
  • We will be committed to constant innovation, and strive to provide products utilizing advanced technologies.
  • We will foster a vibrant and free-spirited corporate culture and aim to be a group of geniuses.
  • We will be aware of social responsibility and contribute to society as a company with dignity

As a good corporate citizen

Toyo Aluminium K.K. was originally founded as Sumitomo Aluminium Co., Ltd. in 1931 with joint capital investment provided by Sumitomo and Alcan Aluminium Limited in Canada, one of the world leaders in the aluminium industry. As is evidenced in its foundation, Toyo Aluminium has been engaged in business activities as a global enterprise over the past quarter of a century. We believe that we have to be widely trusted by society as an enterprise developing products useful for industry and daily life. On the basis of this concept, we have set down the Corporate Behavior Charter for compliance management in compliance with laws and regulations.
We have established a system to check the company┬┤s activities through the use of a compliance committee, a compliance consultation telephone line, and an internal control system. Together with these efforts, basic policies regarding the security of information have been developed for the thorough and correct management of a variety of information including customer information.
It is our desire at Toyo Aluminium to be a good corporate citizen in order to contribute to society by fulfilling our responsibilities as a business enterprise through these activities.

Course of action
"Create the future, I will create it"

  • Let's aim for the top.
  • Let's win with our wisdom.
  • Let's deepen communication.
  • Let's learn from our mistakes.
  • Let's make more use of our sensitivities.
  • Let's form alliances.
  • Let's further heighten awareness about safety and security.