Splints made of aluminium-containing thermoplastic resin having metallic properties


THERMAL GIPS are splints that use a thermoplastic resin having the metallic properties of aluminium. They are softened using hot water (heat), and can be molded to fit affected areas precisely. Even after molding, they can be re-immersed in hot water and re-molded. Because they are made of aluminium-containing resin, they not only have superior moldability but superior heat dissipating properties as well, and can be reliably secured to affected areas. Equivalent to types used for softening and molding under <Splints of Special Treatment Material>. (F10-a)


Since they are highly formable and can be cut, they can be used to fit a variety of affected areas.

  • For noses
    (nasal bone fractures)

  • For fingers
    (finger bone fractures)

  • Free-use type
    (for fingers and toes, for upper limbs, for lower limbs, for noses)

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