Alnoble® ZR is the product name for the highly corrosion resistant and highly strong aluminium foil newly developed by Toyo Aluminium. In addition to having a resistance to corrosion equivalent to that of high-purity aluminium foils, it also has an extremely high mechanical strength. Please consider the use of this material for food packaging applications that were difficult for conventional aluminium foils due to the resistance to corrosion from the contents packaged and as electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, for which long-term stability is required.

Examples markets for aluminium foil where a high resistance to corrosion is demanded

Item Application
Electrolyte resistance Long-term durability is demanded for aluminium materials used for the lead terminals, current collector material and cladding materials on lithium-ion batteries, aluminium electrolyte capacitors and electric double-layer capacitors. Materials are required to have a high resistance to electrolytes and high strength to fulfill processing suitability requirements.
Chemical resistance When laminated materials made from aluminium foil are to be used for alkaline or acidic chemicals such as hair dyes, the durability of the material is determined by the corrosion resistance of the aluminium foil, even if it does not come into direct contact with the packaged contents.
Food resistance If aluminium foil comes into direct contact with highly corrosive foods, the aluminium may be dissolved and cause leakage of the contents or contamination with the dissolved materials. Highly food resistant aluminium foil is therefore required for these foods.


Comparison of strength and food resistance characteristics

Material Quality class Thickness (µm) Tensile strength (N/mm2) Proof stress (N/mm2) Elongation (%) Corrosion resistance*
ZR material
(Material developed)
H 80 280 260 2.6 Very Good
O 80 125 105 19.5
JIS 1N30 material
(General foil)
H 80 177 159 2.7 bad
O 80 88 69 22.0
JIS 3003 material
(High strength foil)
H 80 217 200 1.5 bad
O 80 120 68 18.0

* An evaluation of the state of surface corrosion after the material is soaked in soy sauce (100%) for one month.
Assessment: ◎ No change, 〇 Slight discoloration, △ Some corrosion observed, × Corroded

Evaluation of testing over time with immersion in soy sauce

ZR material (item developed)
Slight change on surface layer only
General foil
Corrosion holes penetrating through


  • ・Foil for commercial and household use
  • ・Molded containers
  • ・Materials for battery parts (current collectors, lead wires, laminate materials)