Child resistant PTP - Child Proof™


This is PTP packaging that functions to prevent mischief by children.
The use of the protective film layer realizes a product that is child resistant and senior friendly (CRSF).


  • ・There are two types available: the pre-perforated type and the pull-tab type.
  • ・The soft lamination method is used for the protective film and the peeling pattern and peeling strength can be controlled freely.
  • ・It is possible to use it is on conventional packaging machines.*
  • ・Various kinds of sheet are supported.

Pre-perforated type

A grip-tab appears when the package is separated along the slit lines.

Pull down type

This functions to prevent tampering and tearing during transportation and displaying for selling.
It is possible to print notices on the peeling film.


Pre-perforated type

Pull-down type

* More heat is necessary than for general PTP aluminium foils, so it may be necessary to adjust the sealing temperature, speed or other conditions.