ECO LIFE STICK Inner Packaging
(Prevents Adhesion of Soft Candy, Etc.)


ECO LIFE STICK is a packaging material that offers excellent detachability, a necessity for the packaging of very soft candies, etc., and it is also suitable for high-speed filling machines.


  • ・Safe packaging for food hygiene
  • ・Offers excellent detachability from contents
  • ・Aluminum foil holds creases well, enabling high-speed packaging
  • ・Our original processing method allows for the design of thin and light packaging material

Peel Strength(N/25mm)

Conventional Product
Silicon Paper, Innermost Packaging
ECO LIFE STICK Inner Packaging
High-detachability type
0.72 0.30

*Measurement Conditions…Stored at 40°C x 90% RH for 4 days, load: approx. 0.4 N/item, tensile speed: 100 mm/min, 90° peeling
*Contents…Soft candy


  • ・Packaging of soft candy, gum, health foods, etc. that require detachability from contents