LUXAL®Highly Smooth


We have succeeded in Roll to Roll production of highly smooth aluminium foil with surface roughness of 10 nm or less.
Not only does this foil retain the same high surface levels as other mirror metal plates, it also provides the high heat resistance, electrical conductivity, and flexion rate inherent in aluminium foil.

Proposed applications (also suitable for laminates and thin film coatings)

Printed electronics boards

  • • Organic thin film solar cell applications
  • • Thin film carrier material applications
  • • Organic EL sealant applications

Design applications

Solar cooker applications

Concentrating reflector applications

smoothing porous alumina membrane


[LUXAL® surface condition]
(Observed under an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM): Thickness 30 um)
LUXAL® Standard foil
Surface condition
Surface roughness, Ra 7 nm 50 nm
[Comparisons of properties in a variety of metals]
Sample Glossiness*1 Deep UV reflectivity*2 Conductivity*3 Density
(1000 series)
87.4% 83.3% 60.1% 2.70g/cm3
Standard AL foil
(8000 series)
70.2% 70.4% 57.1% 2.72g/cm3
SUS foil
41.4% 31.9% 2.2% 7.93g/cm3
Cu foil
(Pure Cu rolled foil)
55.5% 27.2% 82.5% 8.89g/cm3
Ag film
(Ag coated film)
93.1% 22.8% 105.8% 10.5g/cm3
  • *1 As measured using a specular gloss meter (60°)
  • *2 Average value of deep ultraviolet region (254 to 265 nm) , as measured using ....
  • *3 As calculatede based on ... as calculated based on electric specific resistance value
    *The above data is for reference only, it does not represent guaranteed values.
  • • Surface roughness. Ra: 10nm or less
  • • Specular glossiness: 83 or more
  • • Deep UV reflectivity (wavelength, 254-265nm): 80% or more