Vacuum insulation materials


This is high barrier packaging material made using extremely thin aluminium foil. It is supplied as film, pouches and panels. It is being put to use as a measure to conserve energy and space on refrigerators, automatic vending machines and others.


A high barrier function with the use of extremely thin aluminium

SA-1: 15NY/12vmPET/6AL/50HDPE
WVTR: < 0.005 gr/m2/day
O2TR: < 0.0005 cc(STP)/m2/day

Please contact the person in charge at Toyo Aluminium for more detailed information.


We offer packaging materials for vacuum insulation panels (1) and completed vacuum insulation panel products (2).

There are various types of core material and getter material available.
Please consult the Toyo Aluminium sales staff.