Toyal Dry™

This is a moisture-absorbing packaging material.


  • ・It is possible to omit the space necessary for filling with desiccating agents.
  • ・It is possible to omit this desiccating agent and the filling process for it, so the introduction and maintenance of the equipment related to these is not necessary.
  • ・Toyal Dry™ is a product that has the packaging material and the desiccating agent integrated into one, so there is no concern about the consumption of the desiccating agent by mistake.


Example composition 1

Example composition 2


  • ・Packaging material for foodstuffs
  • ・Packaging material for pharmaceuticals

    • ・Suitable for tablets, etc., that break easily if they are dried too much.
    • ・Suitable for foaming tablets and tablets that tend to discolor due to humidity.
  • ・Packaging materials for electronic components
    • ・Suitable for materials that are susceptible to humidity, such as electronic components.


Example composition1

Example composition2