TOYAL PASS® (perforated foil) is a functional material that has fine holes measuring 1 micron or less in diameter formed through the aluminium foil.
It is currently used as the positive electrode current collector on lithium ion capacitors*.

*Lithium ion capacitors are attracting attention as a new type of energy device that combines the high capacity of lithium-ion batteries with the high output of electric double-layer capacitors. They are mostly used for automotive applications and as back-up power supplies. The use of this TOYAL PASS® means that the pre-doping of lithium ions can be carried out easily and it has also made a reduction in cell resistance possible.


Electron microscope observation of a cross section of TOYAL PASS®

Electron microscope observation of the surface of TOYAL PASS®

  • ・The through-holes are formed perpendicular to the surface
  • ・It is possible to control the diameter of the holes
  • ・The number of through-holes is approximately 1 x 106 holes / cm2
  • ・The surface of the perforated foil is hydrophilic

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