Applications – Foil Products

Aluminium foils are used in a wide range of business sectors
a material that has both excellent practical utility and decorative effect.

The characteristics of Toyo Aluminium's aluminium foils include excellent surface glossiness, few pinholes and suitability for multicolor printing. They are used in a wide range of applications including as packaging materials for foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and tobacco, in decorative applications and as daily necessity goods.

  • Food sector

    characteristics Applications
    impermeability to air packaging materials for storage without allowing the smell or aroma of the packaged contents to escape
    heat conductivity packaging materials for hotpots and frozen foods
  • Medicines and chemical goods sector

    characteristics Applications
    extremely hygienic
    packaging material

    harmless and odorless
    packaging pharmaceuticals
    it is heated to high temperatures during its manufacturing processes,
    so any bacteria or microbes that may have attached to it are completely destroyed.
  • Electric equipment sector

    characteristics Applications
    large capacitance

    compact and low cost
    electronics field
    There are expectations for their use in the future in electric vehicles and hybrid cars.
  • Industrial materials and construction materials sectors

    characteristics Applications
    heat insulating properties fire-resistance and for air conditioning construction materials
    beauty and workability shop decoration, displays and wall coverings