Powder & Paste Products

Interference color aluminium pigment "CHROMASHINE®"


A new proposal for shine

This is a completely new type of metallic pigment that has aluminium flakes as the base material. The surface of the flakes is covered with a silica layer and then they are plated with metal particles. The difference in optical paths between the light reflected from the plated layer and the light reflected from the aluminium flakes causes strong interference colors. As aluminium flakes are used as the base material, the hiding power of CHROMASHINE® is superior to that of other interference pigments. Solvent substitution is also possible for use in inks.

Example application

Automobile coating

CHROMASHINE® TGR20X applied to an automobile. When the automobile is viewed from the front, it is turquoise green. When it is viewed at an angle, the color seen changes to light blue. The design includes the CHROMASHINE® logo and QR code for our company website on the sides and rear of the automobile. (The coating has been applied to a private automobile thanks to the cooperation of the freelance announcer Ms. Renko Sakai.)

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