Powder & Paste Products

Brazing pastes (Brazing filler metal pastes)

Toyal Hyper Braze®

Aluminium brazing paste

This is an aluminium brazing paste that is clearly distinctive from conventional products. It was developed for the Nocolok® brazing method and has both the coating performance of ink and the convenience of brazing paste.
It already contains flux, so fluxing is not necessary, and the brazing material composition and the flux compounding ratio can be adjusted in response to customer requirements.


  • ・Excellent brazeability, beautiful appearance after brazing
  • ・Excellent coating performance. Coating patterns and the coating amount control are easy.
    Video demonstration of coating using a dispenser
  • ・Excellent adhesion after coating and drying. Will not peel off and fall during the processing.
    Video demonstration of adhesion after coating and drying
  • ・Brazing paste containing copper brazing powder

* "Nocolok®" is a registered trademark of the German company Solvay Fluor und Derivate GmbH.


  • ・Automobile heat exchangers made from aluminium, aluminium heat sinks
  • ・Joining of ferrous parts