Powder & Paste Products

Stainless steel flakes


Excellent weather resistance and a strong rust-proofing effect

We utilize our flaking technologies to produce flakes of high quality stainless steel (SUS316L) to create highly functional pigments that are tough and highly resistant to chemicals. The flakes are thin so that they align easily in the coating film.


・Coating containing stainless steel flakes has high weather resistance, salt water resistance and chemical resistance. It protects the coated item from corrosion factors and prevents deterioration over time.
[Example applications] Structures along the coast where corrosion is severe, FRP water storage tanks, structures in hot spring areas, etc.

・The inclusion of stainless steel flakes makes it possible to increase the coating film hardness by about 2H. Furthermore, this increased hardness means that it is also possible to give the coating increased abrasion resistance, so it has been used to add sliding properties without using oil.
[Example applications] Bolts, screws, etc.

・The deep color tone that is unique to stainless steel flakes is very popular with customers.[Example applications] Exterior building material panels, etc.

Product name Average particle diameter
RFA4000 30 µm
RFA2000 60 µm