Powder & Paste Products

Aluminium heat dissipating filler “TOYAL TecFiller™ TFH Series”


Because aluminium has high thermal conductivity of at least 200 W/mK, and also a smaller specific weight than other metals, it exhibits superior characteristics as a thermal conduction filler.
Using its aluminium powder manufacturing technology, honed over many years, Toyo Aluminium is providing an aluminium powder for fillers that is able to give organic materials high thermal conductivity.


  • ・Granularity distribution control technology that makes it possible to support a large number of applications
  • ・Supportable granularity range: 1 to 100 μm (D50)
  • ・Coarse particle cut (supportable particle size varies with product type)
  • ・Achieves high quality in filler applications (granularity and foreign matter control)
  • ・Strict quality control for supporting electronic material applications
  • ・Applying various surface treatments, such as coating with silica or resin, makes it possible to provide insulation and enhance compatibility with base resins

Example products

Product name Shape Granularity D50 (μm)
TFH-A02P Spherical 2
TFH-A05P 5
TFH-A10P 10
TFH-A20P 20
TFH-A30P 30
  • TFH-A05P

  • TFH-A10P

  • TFH-A20P

Example application

Heat dissipating adhesives, heat dissipating sheets, heat dissipating greases, sealants, various compounds, etc.