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Aluminium nitride insulating thermal conduction filler
“TOYAL TecFiller™ TFZ Series”


“TOYAL TecFiller™ TFZ Series”(TOYALNITE™) is aluminium nitride powder that have high thermal-conductivity with insulating.
Toyo Aluminium has long history of producing Al powder.We developed the technology to produce AlN powder using Al powder as raw material.
We have variety grades to respond your needs.


High thermal-conductivity High thermal-conductivity is suitable as a filler for thermal conductive products.
Insulation Good insulation performance as fine ceramics of AIN.
Water proof Water proof treatment grades are also available to suppress the hydrolysis.

Example products

Grade Type D50
TFZ-N01P standard 1.2 2.8
TFZ-N05P 5.0 1.0
TFZ-N10P 10.0 1.0
TFZ-N15P 15.0 0.9
TFZ-S20P large particles 20.0 0.2
TFZ-S30P 30.0 0.2
TFZ-A02P water
1.5 3.0
TFZ-A05P 5.0 1.5
TFZ-A10P 10.0 1.2
TFZ-A15P 15.0 0.9
  • *S.S.A:Specific Surface Area
     Representative data
  • TFZ-A02P

  • TFZ-A10P

  • TFZ-A15P

Example application

  • ・Thermal conductive filler for TIM