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ENESTAND® Hane® Module mounting base

【※ENESTAND® is a registered trademark of SKY JAPAN Co., Ltd.】


Since ENESTAND® is mounting ultra-light Hane® module it enables space-saving installation with just 2 posts. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including installation at carports, bicycle parking lots, promenades, etc.

ENESTAND® specifications

Dimensions (frontage x depth x height) 2455×4015×3423 mm
Under floor area 9.97m2
Inclination angle 25°
Wind pressure 35 m/s
Snow coverage 500 mm
Body material Aluminium profile

External dimensions diagram (Units: mm)

Installation images

・Parking lots, bicycle parking lots, rain shelter (for sidewalks, guard posts)
Bus and taxi stops, etc.