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Toyal Solar® back sheet for solar cell modules


Toyal Solar® is a back sheet for solar cell modules that has excellent long-term reliability.
It has been recognized by module manufacturers around the world and boasts more than 13 years of proven results.
The characteristic features of Toyal Solar include, among others, its long term quality stability, a high adhesiveness to EVA and various sealants, high reflectivity and high resistance to UV. It achieves a cost performance that easily surpasses that of its rivals.

Lineup (Structures)

FPL Series Fluorine film / PET film / LE film
QPL Series Weather resistant PET film / PET film / LE film


Toyal Solar hydrolysis resistance (DH test data)

Toyal Solar reflectance

UV resistance
Data comparing Toyal Solar QPL and PET items from other companies

UV radiation 1000 mW/m2 (300-400nm)
Change in color (Δb) after 90 hours (equivalent to 6 times IEC standard exposure)

UV resistance of Toyal Solar QPL

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