Announcement of base price adjustment for Powder & Paste products

2022.11.17Press Release

We, Toyo Aluminium K.K., hereby inform to ALL customers that we have decided to raise the price as follow;

1. Effective date

January 1, 2023

2. Applicable products

ALL product lines in Powder & Paste Headquarters

Aluminum paste (ALPASTE®), Aluminum powder, Aluminum nitride powder (TOYALNITE®), Aluminum alloy powder, Stainless steel flakes, Metallic compound (METAX®), Metal-plated powder (Toyal TechFiller®), Brazing Pastes (Toyal Hyper Braze®) etc. 

3. Amount of price increase

5% across all of our product lines.

4. Reason of price increase

Further large cost increases in our indirect costs

Rise of maintenance costs for production facility

Rise of personnel costs

Increase of Green investment costs

We are forced to announce a base price increase in order to continue to be long term responsible supplier.

We appreciate your business and continue to look forward to our long-term relationship.