Overseas Locations

Overseas production and importing / exporting
In addition to refining the manufacturing technologies for aluminium foil and aluminium paste it obtained from the Alcan Group, Toyo Aluminium has also established technologies for laminating and combining aluminium with other materials and technologies for forming alloys and intermetallic compounds. One of our principal roles now is to offer these industry-leading technologies back to the world.
In addition to supplying our high quality products to countries around the world, we are also promoting technical cooperation and the construction of manufacturing bases overseas and are proceeding with the construction of a global network for the manufacturing and selling of products from overseas bases.
  • Toyal Europe S.A.S.U.

    ISO9001 certified / ISO14001 certified
    Toyal Europe S.A.S.U. was established in 1982. It plays an important role as a base for the production and sales of aluminium pastes and aluminium powders in the European market.
  • Toyal America, Inc.

    ISO9001 certified
    Toyal America, Inc. was established in 1987. It is a base for the production and sales of aluminium pastes and aluminium powders in America and is one of the largest such facilities in North America.
  • Sam-A Aluminium Co., Ltd.

    Sam-A Aluminium Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 as a joint venture between the Korean aluminium foil processing manufacturer Samjin Aluminium Co., Ltd., and Toyo Aluminium K.K. As a pioneer in the aluminium foil manufacturing industry in Korea, the company supplies high quality products in sectors including food and pharmaceutical packaging and electrical machinery and apparatus. It also manufactures and sells aluminium pastes.
    7 & 8 Floor, wonkyung Building 788-16, Yoksam-dong, Kangnam-ku Seoul 06231 Republic of Korea
  • Toyal Zhaoqing Co., Ltd.

    ISO9001 certified / ISO14001 certified
    This is a manufacturing plant that was established in 2007 in Zhaoqing City in China's Guangdong Province. It was the fourth destination for Toyo Aluminium investment overseas, following America, France and Korea.
    The first stage of the project was to construct a plant for the manufacturing and sales of aluminium pastes and that production began from July 2008. The second stage of the project was to construct a plant for the manufacturing of back sheets for solar cells and that production began from May 2009. The third stage of the project was then to construct a plant for the ALSOLAR ink for the back surface of solar cells, which improves their generating efficiency. That production began from May 2011. It currently operates as a key manufacturing plant for our solar cell related materials and ships products of the highest quality to the Chinese market and also to countries around the world.
    No.1, Xinglong 5 street, Linjiang Industrial Park, Zhaoqing National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangdong, China 526238
  • Hunan NingXiang JiWeiXin Metal Powder Co., Ltd.

    Hunan NingXiang JiWeiXin Metal Powder Co., Ltd., an aluminium powder manufacturing and sales company in China's Hunan Province was made a subsidiary in 2009.
    Hunan Ningxiang JiWeiXin Metal Powder Co., Ltd.
    No.288, Xieyuan North Road, Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hunan Province, China. 410600
  • Suzhou Toyo Aluminium Ekco Household Products Co., Ltd.

    Established in Suzhou, China through a joint investment with Koyo Aluminum Kogyo Co., Ltd. The company produces food containers, such as aluminium pans and foamed paper cups, which it sells in China, Southeast Asia, and Japan.
    No.258, Jinling East Road, Weiting Town,Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • Toyo Aluminium (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.

    We have established this company on October 16, 2018 for the purpose of promoting the enhancement of management systems and the strengthening of governance functions at each Toyo Aluminium group company in China. We will expand and strengthen the group’s business in China via thorough compliance management and the creation of a strong risk management system.
    Room 402 A Building Far East International Plaza NO.319 Xianxia Road,Changning District Shanghai 200051
    Tel:021-3257-5868 FAX:021-3257-512
  • Toyo Aluminium Ekco Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2011 as a base for Chinese domestic sales of household goods, such as aluminium foil, cooking sheets, and cooking range panels. The company promotes the provision of products that support the Chinese market through its marketing activities in China.
    Room 403 A Building Far East International Plaza NO.319 Xianxia Road,Changning District Shanghai 200051
  • Toyo Tokai Aluminium Hanbai (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Established in Shanghai in 2007 as a subsidiary of Toyo Tokai Aluminium Hanbai K.K. It is a trading company that sells a wide variety of products, from electronic components, such as condenser materials (aluminium foil, aluminium-metalized film products, lead wires, transporting tape, etc.) and back sheets for solar cells , to household goods, such as processed foils for foods and chemicals, aluminium containers, plastic containers, paper products, and Cooking Foil, mostly to companies in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
    Room 404 A Building Far East International Plaza NO.319 Xianxia Road,Changning District Shanghai 200051
    TEL:86-21-6278-3200 FAX: 86-21-6278-3218

    TOYAL MMP INDIA PVT. LTD. (TMI) is established as joint venture company by Toyo Aluminium K.K. and MMP Industries Limited on May24, 2016.
    Aluminum pastes have been manufactured and sells since February,2018.
    K-61, 5 Star Zone, MIDC, Butibori, Nagpur, 441122 India
  • Svam Toyal Packaging Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    Started a collaboration through the acquisition of shares in Svam Packaging Industries Pvt. Ltd., which boasts the largest share of the Indian domestic market for pharmaceutical packaging materials, with the goal of expanding revenues in the Indian market, which is expected to grow dramatically in the future.

    March, 2017 We have established a sales company TOYAL (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED in the Kingdom of Thailand.
    Empire Tower 2 (RIVER WING EAST) 15F Unit1505 5 South Sathorn Rd.Thung Wat Don,Bangkok,10120 Thailand
  • Toyo Tokai Aluminium Hanbai K.K., Singapore Branch

    Established in 1996 as the first overseas base of Toyo Tokai Aluminium Hanbai. The company pursues business development activities centered in Southeast Asia,and is developing suppliers and sales companies in a wide range of countries, such as Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Bahrain, and South Korea.
    10 Anson Road, International Plaza #25-13 Singapore 079903
    TEL: 65-6225-5148 FAX:65-6225-5150