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Metal coating conductive filler “TOYAL TecFiller™ TFM Series”


We can plate a uniform film of a metal such as silver or gold onto metallic, inorganic, or organic particles.
With the TFM Series, silver is plated onto the surface of various core materials.
This means that less silver is contained than when the conductive materials are made from silver itself, so it has the characteristic that migration is unlikely.


  • ・Uniform plating onto each individual particle is possible
  • ・Superior conductivity, oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, and inking characteristics
  • ・Plating of metals, ceramics, and organic matter is possible
  • ・Plating film variations: Au, Ag, Cu, Sn, etc.

Reference:Toyo Aluminum’s Core Competencies Powder plating technologies

Example products

Copper Core: Series using copper as the core material

Product name Shape True density (g/cm2) Average particle diameter D50(μm)*
TFM-C05F Flake-shaped 9.2 6
TFM-C15F 9.1 13
TFM-C02P Spherical 9.1 4
TFM-C05P 9.1 6

Silica Core: Series using silica as the core material

Product name Shape True density (g/cm2) Average particle diameter D50(μm)*
TFM-S02P Spherical 2.9 3
TFM-S05P 2.9 6

*These are the typical values when measured by the laser analysis method. They are not guaranteed values.

  • TFM-C05F

  • TFM-C05P

  • TFM-S05P

  • TFM-S05P
    Cross section

Example application

Electromagnetic wave shield fillers, conductive adhesives, conductive ink fillers, etc.

* We will be happy to discuss material combinations, particle shapes, and particle sizes other than those of the example products.
Please contact us.

The product data presented are representative examples of the measured values obtained under our test methods or specified conditions.
Also, please be aware that the usage and appearance may be changed without notice due to product improvement, etc.