TOYAL 2031
- Toward Our 100th Anniversary

The Toyal Group is developing growth strategies as it moves toward its 100th anniversary in 2031. Growth strategies should consist of not only financial strategies but also strategies designed to enhance our corporate value by, among other things, contributing to the SDGs, i.e. a vision of sustainability that will guide us to growth. At Toyo Aluminum, we are using both top-down and bottom-up approaches to developing a vision of sustainability, where employees actively engage in discussions.

Members of the CSR promotion team and the CSR Promotion Office, made up of employees from different departments and companies across the group, held discussions to develop a sustainability vision statement.
See "CSR REPORT 2018" for details.

Dialogue with Employees
Creating a Vision of Sustainability
for Our 100th Anniversary

Members of the CSR promotion team and the CSR Promotion Office, made up of employees from different departments and companies across the group, held discussions to develop a sustainability vision statement. Launched in December 2016, the CSR promotion team is comprised of 13 members, including mid-level executives from Toyo Aluminium’s business and administrative divisions, Toyo Aluminium Ekco Products, and Toyo Tokai Aluminium Hanbai who are the next generation of leaders. The team organized three workshops in March and April 2018.
In the first and second workshops, the participants were divided into three discussions groups, and in the third workshop everyone took part in one big round-table discussion. In addition to discussions by the CSR promotion team, individual employees will also get a chance to review the proposed sustainability vision statement for themselves on an ongoing basis. After the management team reviews and approves a summary of the discussions, we will finalize a sustainability vision statement for the Toyal Group that will guide us as we work toward achieving our financial targets and contribute to the SDGs.

First workshop
How the Toyal Group can contribute
to each SDG
through innovation
Second workshop
What are the Toyal Group’s innate strengths?
What should the Toyal Group do
in order to continually create value
over the long run?
Third workshop
What are the contents
and key words/phrases that should be included
in the sustainability vision statement
based on what has been discussed so far?
TOYAL 2031 - Toward Our 100th Anniversary ALUMINIUM with + Creating a Sustainable FutureVision
  • We will explore the far edges of the horizon to find new possibilities for aluminium as we continue coming up with innovations that enrich people’s lives.

  • We will leverage the features and advantages of materials
    to promote clean energy.

  • We will cut CO2 emissions from our operations by 30%.

  • We will work with various stakeholders to build a recycling system
    for the entire product life cycle.

  • We will promote smart factories and smart offices where people from diverse backgrounds can work together and reach their full potential.


Dialogue with an Expert
Innovations Needed to Solve Problems
Facing the World

We invited Hiro Nishiguchi, executive managing director of Japan Innovation Network, to discuss innovation at the Toyal Group in light of the SDGs. Participants engaged in lively discussions on the kinds of innovations the group should pursue and how it can accelerate innovation with the implementation of the SDGs.

Hiro Nishiguchi
Managing Director,
Japan Innovation Network
Hiro Nishiguchi
Look for the shift you want to make
and accelerate innovation

I believe the important thing to do is to find the kind of shift Toyo Aluminium can and wants to make. Look at the areas you want to contribute to. It’s also important that you do that with a focus on both your company and the market. If you are currently working on a number of R&D projects, see if the shift you are going to make is consistent with market needs (i.e. SDG targets). You should use your resources for the projects that focus on areas where there are needs. During our dialogue I said that the SDGs represent the kinds of shifts everyone agreed that they want. Continue discussing which one you are going to contribute to. I also learned through our dialogue that your company had already made a number of innovations. You should be able to accelerate innovation by leveraging your communication skills and overseas network.

Comments from participants (Toyo Aluminium K.K.)

Yoshihiro Tomioka
Looking at our company’s reason for being in the context of achieving the SDGs

I’ve always believed that a company is a living entity and must have a reason for being in order to survive. After participating in today’s dialogue, I realized that a company’s reason for being lies in its ability to contribute to the SDGs and their targets. I will start with carefully thinking about the areas where we can and want to contribute to. The dialogue also inspired me to work on enhancing our ability to get our message across, throughout the world.

Director and Managing Executive Officer
in Charge of the New Business Creation Dept.
Yoshihiro Tomioka
Zenya Ashitaka
Identifying specific SDG targets and carrying on in-depth discussions with colleagues

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights with us during the dialogue. We are currently placing the biggest emphasis on energy, which falls under Goal 7 of the SDGs. I will work to identify specific targets as I continue further discussions with colleagues to explore what Toyo Aluminium can and wants to do ahead of 2030.

Managing Executive Officer
in Charge of the Advanced Technology Division
Zenya Ashitaka
Masahiro Yoshida
Working together to contribute to the SDGs

The dialogue provided me with a number of good tips that will help us move ahead with innovation. Being in charge of the CSR Promotion Office, I’m tasked with the responsibility of implementing initiatives aimed at achieving the SDGs. As I participated in the dialogue, it hit home with me that the New Business Creation Department and the Advanced Technologies Headquarters are also responsible for implementing initiatives aimed at achieving the SDGs. I will work closely with these departments to contribute to the SDGs.

Managing Executive Officer
in Charge of CSR Promoting Dept
Masahiro Yoshida
Masahiro Yoshida
Chief CSV Officer, Cre-en Inc.
Takehiko Mizukami