Create the future

At Toyo Aluminium, CSR means following one principal rule, “create the future;
I will create it” with an aim to helping build a sustainable society.
We are committed to giving back to society through our business operations as we work with an eye to forging a bright new future.
As we move closer toward celebrating our centennial in 2031, we are focusing on the actions we need to take that will see us through to the next fifty years to one hundred years.
We will rebuild our management structure on a foundation of CSR to ensure that it can contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Toyal Group Vision

Think outside the box while putting our technological expertise to work for people and the planet.ALUMINIUM with+

■ Concept

  • [Think outside the box:]

    We think outside the box to create new products, such as TOYAL LOTUS®,
    an innovation inspired by the structure of a lotus leaf; CHROMASHINE®, that changes color depending on the angle it’s viewed from; and our black foil designed to deliver
    all the flavor of stone-baked sweet potatoes without any of the fuss.

  • [Our technological expertise:]

    Our technological expertise in rolling, roll-polishing, printing, laminating,grinding, molding, and more makes up our core competencies.

  • [For people and the planet:]

    We give our all for all our stakeholders and stay focused on protecting the environment in our operations across the globe.
    We are in the aluminium business but we go the extra mile
    to add value to aluminium and beyond.

    【ALUMINIUM with+】

    We are in the aluminium business but we go the extra mile to add value toaluminium and beyond.