Contribution to the SDGs

The Toyo Aluminium Group agrees with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and to working toward them based on an understanding of their background, and is making efforts to achieve them. Through our corporate activities, we aim to contribute to a sustainable society and improve our corporate value.


In September 2015, all UN members (193 countries) adopted Agenda 2030 with a view to eliminating extreme poverty, inequality, and injustice while protecting the globe over the next 15 years with an eye to forging a brighter future. Agenda 2030 is a set of goals known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets on the issues covered but yet to be fully addressed by the Millennium Development Goals as well as worsening environmental problems and other issues discussed at Rio+20. The SDGs challenge countries across the globe to create a world where no one is left behind.


At the Toyal Group, we use the SDG Compass to manage our CSR initiatives with an eye to aligning our business operations and CSR initiatives with the SDGs as well as to measure and monitor our contribution to achieving the SDGs.
The CSR Promotion Office serves an administrative function for implementing CSR initiatives under the supervision of a managing executive officer in charge. On top of that, a CSR promotion team has been organized to serve a cross-sectoral function for the Toyal Group. Designed to help employees develop a sense of ownership for CSR initiatives, the CSR promotion team plays a central role in our CSR initiatives.
CSR Management based on the SDG Compass The team is made up of the best and brightest from each department, who is tasked with promoting CSR initiatives by sharing information on them with their department.

SDG Compass

The SDG Compass is a guide that presents five steps for companies to maximize their contribution to the SDGs as shown in the diagram on the right.
The beginning of the SDG Compass notes, “The SDG Compass explains how the SDGs affect your business – offering you the tools and knowledge to put sustainability at the heart of your strategy.” The Toyal Group sees the importance of this tool and is dedicated to making the best use of it in its CSR initiatives.

Step01:Understanding the SDGs Step02:Defining priorities Step3:Setting goals Step4:Integrating Step5:Reporting & communicating

Commitment by the Director in Charge of CSR Aiming to
“integrate CSR activities into business operations”

Minoru Kawaguchi

Executive Officer In Charge of CSR Promotion OfficeMinoru Kawaguchi

Three years have passed since we started promoting the Aggressive Approach to CSR Activities incorporating SDGs perspective.
As stated in Feature stories, the head of each business unit reveals its actions toward SDGs; and for Material CSR Issues, the responsible officers present specific departmental measures. Through these activities, we intend to promote further developments for “integrating CSR activities into business operations.”
Keeping in mind the Toyo Aluminium Sustainability Vision targeted at our centennial in 2031, we will continue internal dialogs to the extent that every employee can be personally committed to the relevant issues by establishing more specific targets for the short time (2019), the mid-term (until 2021), and the long-term (until 2031).
We are determined to continue our challenges by uniting our forces together, while trying to attain our personally identified goals, so that our efforts can lead to realization of the sustainable society.

Messages from responsible persons in overseas Group companies
For achieving SDGsAffiliation and job title are as of November 2019

Bud Loprest

President, Toyal America, IncBud Loprest

At TAI we have 4 guiding principles that provide the leadership team with a vision for the company. Those principles are: shareholder value, customer satisfaction, a commitment to our employees and their families by providing a safe, healthy and diverse workplace and lastly, we commit to act responsibly in the communities where we live and work. If successful, we can directly impact several the goals contained in the SDG initiative. Since 2009-2012 we implemented a company wellness program that connected improved lifestyle with health and diet training (goal 3). We won several awards including the Global Health and Wellness Award for Small Business held in London in 2013. We also provide financial support to a local organization that provides training and job opportunities for developmentally disabled adults called “Cornerstone Services” (goal 11). Further, we work hard to provide career opportunities for people of all races and genders and recently received high scores from our Government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Audit (goal 5). By continuing to follow our guiding principles we will have opportunities to impact many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Stéphane Rochard

COO, Toyal Europe S.A. S. U.Stéphane Rochard

We, at Toyal Europe, are committed to contributing to Toyal Group's Sustainable Development Goals.
We aim at implementing a strategy that reflects commitment to economic, environmental, social and cultural ideals, to apply sustainable practices across the organisation.
Adopting cleaner production techniques, developing resource and energy efficient processes and examining transportation of goods are key targets to achieve by 2030.
People are critical to the business success. Integrating good employment practices into our business, such as friendly policies, flexible working and access to training, will help create an environment where people feel valued and content. In today’s tight labour market, this is crucial to our ability to attract and retain the right people.
Reduced painfullness, by the implementation of automatism on production lines, will improve efficiency and safety at work.
Toyal Europe will also be focusing on Men/Women equality across the organisation in terms of salary and management positions.
By 2030, we are looking at reducing CO2 emission, energy and water consumption, industrial waste by 25%. From product development and packaging, to manufacture, transportation ..., every element of the business will be analyzed and reshaped to maximise the resources we use and minimise the waste we produce.

Understanding SDGs

In 2016, SDGs workshops were held for officers and departmental heads; in 2017, they were given to managers. In 2018, for better and deeper understanding among employees, the Toyal Group initiated a campaign called, “Aggressive Approach to CSR Activities - with New Yardstick Called SDGs,” and had the campaign team hold 34 workshops at 16 domestic business sites around the Group.
In the questionnaires collected after the workshops, 94% of the participants responded “Understood well” and “Understood” SDGs.
Furthermore, information concerning CSR and SDGs should be further disseminated by means of internal newsletters, etc., and employees should be encouraged to be more acquainted with them through workshops to be held continuously.

(1) Did you know SDGs?
(2) Did you understand SDGs?