Foil Products

We have researched the chemical composition and metallographic structure of aluminium and have established the world's newest rolling technologies to freely control the foil thickness to suit the application. The foils have excellent surface glossiness and few pinholes and their characteristics make them suitable for multi-colored printing. They are in use in a wide range of applications.

Powder & Paste Products

The flake profiles and particle sizes in our aluminium pastes are uniform and the surfaces of the aluminium flakes are coated evenly, so they arrange uniformly in the coating film. They are broadly categorized into the leafing type, which become arranged in the surface layer of the coating film, and the non-leafing type, which become arranged inside the film. We also handle aluminium powders and other powder products that provide a variety of functionalities.

Solar Cell Related Products

We are aiming to make an even greater contribution to the environment and society by pursuing new possibilities in the sector of solar cells through the utilization of the foil, powder and paste technologies that we have developed so far.

Highlighted products


Paint containing stainless steel flakes exhibits superior durability performance, including corrosion resistance.
It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as indoor and outdoor structures.


Splints that use a thermoplastic resin having the metallic properties of aluminium.
Since they are highly formable and can be cut, they can be used to fit a variety of affected areas.


A special film that reacts with water to generate molecular hydrogen.
Using this film to store a variety of foods and drinks creates an environment where foods and drinks are not prone to oxidation and that readily preserves their freshness.

Household Products

We provide household goods convenient for everyday life, such as Cooking Foil and cooking range panels, and commercial container products processed from various materials, such as aluminium foil containers and other foil containers, to meet diverse consumer needs.